Big Brother Australia Auditions 2022 : Casting & Application Details

Big Brother Australia Auditions 2022 : Casting & Application Details

It is hard to find people who have not heard of reality shows, nowadays! While public opinion on the nature of such Reality events tends to vary, there is no denying their growing popularity. Big Brother Australia is one such hugely popular reality show that adheres to the international Big Brother format. It is one of the longest-running reality TV shows and over the years, the producers have modified and enriched the content and format a lot. Auditions for the 2022 session of Big Brother are on.

Big Brother Australia Auditions 2022


A Brief Glimpse at the Origin of Big Brother

Since its inception in 2001, the reality TV show has been presented by a number of celebrities and stars like Gretel Killeen, Jackie O, Kyle Sandilands and Sonia Kruger. For the upcoming 2022 season, Sonia Kruger is said to be the host. Till date, there have been 13 seasons of Big Brother apart from a couple of Celebrity mini-series. Overall, 1,559 episodes have been aired on networks like Nine Network, Seven Network and Network Ten.

Little About Big Brother

Those interested in giving auditions for the 2022 season of Big Brother should know the nuances of the reality TV show beforehand. The show involves contestants who are called housemates. They live in a house, aloof from the world outside. Their movements and interactions are monitored 24×7 by the host- aka Big Brother. As the competition progresses, the housemates are evicted and the last remaining contestants get a cash prize. As is natural with such reality shows, there are clashes and group forming amongst the housemates. 

New Surprises Are in Store for 2022

The 2022 season of Big Brother will be shown on Channel 7, as per the updates. The upcoming season will commence on April 26th 2021. As per the teasers unveiled by the network, some new characters will enter the show. Some of the already revealed housemates are sheep farmer Melissa, Lil Ahenkan, jewelry designer Sarah Jane Adams, Marley- a basketball player. Host Sonia Kruger hints at unexpected surprises and new twists. The new season has been filmed at Manly, Sydney.

Big Brother Australia Auditions For 2022:

The auditions for Big Brother 2022 season 14 are expected to start in late 2021. Applicants have to browse the website and apply there. 

The rules are:

  • The applicants must be over 18 years.
  • They have to be either a Permanent Resident or an Australian Citizen.
  • They have to keep 10-12 weeks for the shooting. 

Like every year, the upcoming season of Big Brother will sure witness application by plenty of applicants but only a handful will be selected. After submitting the application, the applicants will get phone call from the casting department if they are shortlisted. 

The online application form is pretty long and the candidates have to fill up with proper information to be shortlisted. It may take up to 20 minutes. It is necessary for the applicants to upload a video showing their traits and qualifying nature to become a housemate. 

Big Brother Australia 2022 Auditions Date For Season 14:

Currently the auditions for Big Brother Australia 2022 has not been announced. We will update if it gets announced.

  • Auditions Start Date: Not available
  • Auditions Ending Date Or Month: Not available
  • Official Website:
  • Official Facebook Page:


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