Junior MasterChef Australia Auditions 2021 – Casting & Application Details

Junior MasterChef Australia Auditions 2021 – Casting & Application Details

Not all reality shows have to be based on dancing and singing skills, as it is! If you are tired of watching such reality shows and those based on relationship equations do not interest you either, try watching something different. What about a reality show event that involves young minds and showcases their culinary skills! That is what Junior MasterChef Australia is all about. A spin-off of the British show MasterChef, it features young contestants below 13 years with culinary talent. 

Junior MasterChef Australia

The Origin and Basics of Junior MasterChef Australia

It is a competitive cooking game show, based on the premises of MasterChef Australia. The first season of Junior MasterChef Australia was aired in July 2010. It involved 50 kids and more than 5000 applicants submitted their application for the debut show. The director is Jo Siddiqui. The hats of judges have been donned by the likes of Anna Gare, Gary Mehigan, Jock Zonfrillo, George Calombaris, and Matt Moran. So far, 3 seasons of the show have been broadcast and 51 episodes have been shot. The 4th season is in the making, as per the industry updates. The show episodes have been shot in places like Sydney and Melbourne. It is shown on Network Ten.

Shine Australia produces Junior MasterChef Australia. It was during the second season of the show MasterChef Australia, its promos were seen. There have been long gaps between the seasons. It is expected that the 4th season of Junior MasterChef Australia will be shown sometime in 2021. While the Junior series does not exactly follow similar elimination style of regular reality show events, 4 contestants are eliminated at once when the finalists are announced. Even those who get eliminated are given prizes. 

Interesting trivia on Junior MasterChef Australia

The foods cooked by the little chefs participating in the show are given to a charitable entity called Second Bite. It is distributed to the people who are starved. The food that cannot be reused is used in the garden as compost. 

How to Apply for Junior MasterChef Australia Auditions 2021

The application process for Junior MasterChef Australia is online. Now, the production company accepts applications for kids aged between 9 – 14 years. They have to be Australian citizens too. The applicants also need to have a keen interest in cooking. They have to be open to criticism too as the judges will inspect their culinary skills extensively. 

The number of applicants for Junior MasterChef Australia crosses several thousands and so not all applicants can be selected. The online application form is long and you may need 2 minutes to complete filling it properly. Uploading a video of the applicant is also necessary. The applicants also need to upload a clear face picture.

After submitting the application online at the official site, shortlisted applicants get calls from the casting department. They use a video chat session to interact with the parents of the selected applicants as well. Those selected will have to be available for 6 weeks for the filming needs. 

Junior MasterChef Australia Auditions Date For Season 4 (2021 / 2022):

Currently the auditions for Junior MasterChef Australia is active and ending date is Monday 9th August 2021.

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