Little Big Shots Australia Auditions 2021 – Casting & Application Details

Little Big Shots Australia Auditions 2021 – Casting & Application Details

There are so many talent hunt shows or reality show events you can watch on different TV networks. However, not many programs focus exclusively on the children. If you like watching programs that focus on bringing out the hidden skills and talents in the young minds without introducing commercialism and over the top elements, there is an option. Try watching the Little Big Shots Australia. This is a popular Australian variety show which features performances by kids below the age of 13. The 2021 season of Little Big Shots Australia is reportedly in the making.

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The History of Little Big Shots Australia

Little Big Shots Australia is the US spin-off of a kid-centric variety show and it had its premiere on the Seven Network in August of 2017. The show is produced by Warner Bros. and Shane Jacobson plays the host. 2 seasons of the show have been broadcast and 16 episodes have been aired. It was conceived by Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres.

Originally slated for unveiling in July 2017, Little Big Shots Australia was delayed owing to Australian Ninja Warrior’s success. It was shown for the first time on 27th August 2017. The 2nd season was aired in September 2017 following the success of the debut season.

Owing to various reasons, the series did not make a comeback in 2019. However, auditions for its third season were declared in 2019. The 3rd season could not be shown in 2020 and the series was postponed later because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is expected that it will go on air sometime in 2021. 

What’s Unique About Little Big Shots Australia?

Little Big Shots Australia is not like typical reality show or talent hunt programs and this is corroborated by its host too. The loudness and commercialized aspect of reality shows do not exist in it. There are no cash prizes and there is no hard-core competition as well. This makes the series more viewable. In Fact, the show is suited for viewers of varying age groups. 

The child participants showcase their skills and passion in the show. The viewers get amazed at the talent of the young souls. In the 2nd season, the participants included opera singer, bubble artist, drummer, poet, auctioneer etc. 

What Is Known About the Upcoming Season’s Auditions?

As per the latest updates, casting for the upcoming season of Little Big Shots Australia is now open. The official link for applying online is

There is no fixed formula for picking the child contestants in Little Big Shots Australia. Kids with multiple types of talents can apply for the show. However, the permitted age group is 4-12 years. The online application form has to be completed by a legal guardian or parents of the kid. The online form is multi page, and filling it with the correct information is necessary. However, the producers are yet to come up with the final date for commencement of the 3rd season. 

Little Big Shots Australia Auditions Date For Season 3

Currently the auditions for Little Big Shots 2021 is active and no ending date is announced. We will update if it gets announced.

  • Auditions Start Date: Not Available
  • Auditions Ending Date Or Month: Not Available
  • Official Audition Website:
  • Official Facebook Page:


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