Married at First Sight Australia Auditions 2021 – Casting & Application Details

Married at First Sight Australia Auditions 2021 – Casting & Application Details

There are so many types of reality shows shown on Australian TV Networks these days but a few have a distinct appeal. You may have heard about falling in love at the first sight. What would happen if people were to tie the knot first and fall in love later! That is what Married At First Sight is all about. This Australian reality television series broadcast on the Nine Network is based on a social experiment. In it, strangers get paired together by relationship experts. The show is inspired by a Danish series having the same name. However, the Australian version does not involve legally-binding marriage.

Married at First Sight


What Happens in Married at First Sight Australia?

As per the Marriage Act 1961 of Australia, the couples paired together do not exchange formal marriage vows. They undergo unofficial commitment ceremonies instead. They get married unofficially and that is followed by a night in a hotel and then they embark on their honeymoons. After returning from their honeymoon, they have to decide whether they will stay as a couple or part their ways. It may seem weird for some but the show is quite popular. So far, only 4 couples from the beginning of the series have remained together. 

The couples are chosen from different segments of life. They hail from different age groups and economic profiles as well. The relationship experts make use of science and psychology to pair the couples.

It is not exactly a competition and you will not be getting any prizes.

Origin of Married at First Sight Australia

Under the direction of Ryan Potter, 8 seasons of the show have been shot and altogether 138 episodes have been aired. It is shown on Nine Network and the production location is in Sydney. The show made its debut on 18th May 2015. Two reunion specials were shown before the 2021 season. 

Married at First Sight Australia 2021 Season- How to Apply

Married At First Sight is referred to as the favorite social experiment of Australia. The concept may not appeal to all but some are willing to give it a try. If you think you have the guts to embark on this unique journey of finding love through the wedding route, it is time to try your luck.

To apply, you have to browse the official site and register online for the 9th season of the show. The link is

There will be many sections in the online application form. To be eligible, you have to be above 25 years and a bona fide citizen of Australia. The applicants also have to be available for the shooting duration, which can stretch up to 4 months (Aug to Dec 2021). Uploading photos and videos while applying will be necessary too. Giving improper or irrelevant information will result in cancellation of application. 

The application form will include some personal questions pertaining to the love life of the applicant. You will also have to list the hobbies and activities that interest you. 

Married at First Sight Australia Auditions Date For Season 9 (2021):

Currently the auditions for Married at First Sight Australia is active and no ending date is announced. We will update if it gets announced.


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