Mastermind Australia Auditions 2022- Casting and Application Details

Mastermind Australia Auditions 2022- Casting and Application Details

There are so many types of reality shows that are being aired on different TV networks in Australia but a few of these have a distinct appeal. One such example is Mastermind Australia. The show is derived from the British quiz show with the same name. The Australian variant is shown on the SBS network.

The Basics of Mastermind Australia

The Australian version of the Mastermind was originally hosted by Jennifer Byrne. The show began its journey in 2019. In this show, the contestants have to answer questions asked by the questioner. The noteworthy thing is each contestant can pick subjects on which he/she is asked a number of questions. They have to answer questions within a set time and there is an option to pass the question to other contestants. 

Mastermind Australia

The 2021 season of Mastermind Australia

The 2021 season of Mastermind Australia introduced some changes. The host of the season was Marc Fennell. The noted journalist dons the hat of interviewer. It was unveiled on SBS on 22nd February. The subjects for the 2021 season cover a wide range including the likes of history, geography, Bitcoin, The Matildas, Britney Spears, and Australian Female Publicans etc. The season was noted for its humorous yet tense atmosphere.

The show is known for its unique presentation style. The spotlight, rapid-fire questioning and black chairs create an aura of espionage drama. Marc Fennell said before beginning of the 2021 season of Mastermind Australia the show gives the contestants scope to experience quiz show with a difference. While the questions can be random, they get to pick their areas of interest. However, the rounds can still be quite tough. Incidentally, Fennell served as a celebrity contender on the show earlier. 

Josh Martin, the Commissioning Editor of SBs said, picking Marc Fennell for playing the host on the 3rd season was a natural move. He is likely to bring in a unique style and infuse the show with his energy. 

How to Apply for Mastermind Australia 2022

While SBS is yet to open up on the 4th season, it is likely that the 2022 season will be produced. If you are interested in being part of this popular quiz show, it is better to know the procedure. 

The application process for Mastermind Australia is online. You have to use the link 

The team says they are likely to pick applicants who are really passionate in their areas of interest. They also have to be good in general knowledge. So, you may apply if you are passionate about Harry Potter or find the paintings of Picasso enticing. 

The prerequisites are:

  • You have to be a valid citizen of Australia.
  • At the time of application, you must be above 18 years.
  • You will have to give a recent picture at the time of application.

Naturally, the applicants have to accept all the terms and conditions to be deemed eligible. They will have to complete all the fields with proper information and details. The selected applicants will be contacted by the team.

Mastermind Australia Audition Date For 2022

Currently the auditions for the Mastermind Australia for 2022 is active and no ending date is announced. We will update if it gets announced.

  • Auditions Start Date: Not Available
  • Auditions Ending Date Or Month: Not Available
  • Official Audition Website:
  • Official Facebook Page:


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