My Kitchen Rules Australia 2022 Auditions: Casting and Application Details

My Kitchen Rules Australia 2022 Auditions: Casting and Application Details

There are many types of reality shows that are shown on various TV networks in Australia nowadays. If the typical talent hunt or relationship-oriented programs bore you to death, and culinary programs stir your interest more, opt for My Kitchen Rules Australia. This is one competitive cooking game show shown on the Seven Network. The seasons were co-hosted by Celebrity chefs Manu Feildel and Pete Evans. Colin Fassnidge donned the hat of kitchen mentor. The production was handled by the team that conceptualized the show My Restaurant Rules.

My Kitchen Rules Australia 2022

Basics and Origin of My Kitchen Rules Australia

While the popularity of the show was not steady over the years, My Kitchen Rules Australia ran for 11 series. It made its debut in 2010. The directors of the show are Nick Davies and Mark Adamson. Overall, 423 episodes of the show have been aired. 

While the program enjoyed good ratings since its inception, post 2019, its ratings started plummeting. Season 11 shown in 2020 witnessed further decline in ratings. This led many in the industry to speculate about the producers mulling about ending its run. However, nothing is confirmed and chances are there a new season could be in the making. Seven has not renewed the series for the 12th season but it has hinted at a possible revival in future.

What the Show Is All About?

The competitive cooking game show began with two contestants competing for making a typical home into a restaurant replete with the required elements. With each season, the number of participating teams started growing. In the 4th season, there were 18 teams altogether.

The episodes revolve around the teams cooking, adorning their home turned eatery and serving 3-course meal to the judges and other team members. The judges rate all three courses of meal cooked and points given play a role in the elimination pattern afterwards. The show has different phases and a Grand Final. The team with the highest points gets the prize at the end.

Online Application Process for My Kitchen Rules Australia Casting

Much like the other reality shows aired in Australia, My Kitchen Rules has some requirements that the applicants have to fulfil.

The audition requirements for My Kitchen Rules (as per 2020 season) are:

  • Each team comprises of 2 members
  • The team members should be in pre-existing relationship
  • They team members must be at least 18 years old
  • The team members have to be bona fide Australian citizens

The official link for application is

After clicking on apply, you will get a long online form. It is necessary to fill up the form with correct information. The first applicant has to provide his/her details in the section applicant A and the other has to choose applicant B. The noteworthy thing is only one applicant has to log in at a time for applying. Uploading pictures of the applicants is necessary but video uploading is optional. The size of the video must be under 50 MB and allowed formats are AVI, MOV and WMV.

My Kitchen Rules Australia Auditions Date For 2022

Currently the auditions for My Kitchen Rules 2022 is not active. We will update if it gets announced.

  • Auditions Start Date: Not Available
  • Auditions Ending Date Or Month: Not Available
  • Official Audition Website:
  • Official Facebook Page:


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