The Bachelor Australia Auditions 2021- Casting & Application Details

The Bachelor Australia Auditions 2021- Casting & Application Details

Reality shows are almost on every network but not all reality shows are the same! If the typical music or dance-based reality events do not appeal to you, try watching the Australian reality show with a different premise-namely the Bachelor-Australia. It is an adaption of a reality show aired in the US with the same name and premise. 


The Bachelor Australia Auditions

The Origin of the Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia was unveiled on September 2013 and host was Osher Günsberg on Network 10. It proved to be a runaway success, paving the way to a spinoff titled The Bachelorette. So far 8 seasons of the show have been broadcasted and the 9th season is going to start soon. Overall, 127 episodes of the popular reality show have been broadcasted. The production locations include Bayview, Oxford Falls, Glenorie and Hunters Hill, all located in New South Wales. It has been shown on Network 10, and also on Shine Australia and Warner Bros.

What It’s All About?

It is not at all like a typical talent hunt type reality show though the contestants have to make use of different types of talent! A bachelor guy is eyed by the contestants and they strive to win his heart. Initially, the bachelor guy goes for group dates and gradually the contestants get eliminated. The eliminations take place on rose parties, one to one dates and also on single dates. The elimination continues with final four contestants and 2 finalists get to take the bachelor to meet his family. The bachelor may propose to the woman he likes the most eventually. 

The show has drawn its share of criticism for inclusion of sexism and portraying women in stereotypical ways. It has also led to creation of several online jokes and memes.

The 2021 Season of the Bachelor Australia Is Knocking on the Doors

For the ardent fans of the series who are eager to watch the 2021 season, the good news is that it will be broadcasted soon. In March this year, the producers of the show as well as several media entities confirmed the Bachelor Australia for season 9 has been finalized. The charming single man is none other than Pilot Jimmy Nicholson. The 32 year old man has also dabbled with modeling. Rumor mills suggest the former model who still looks quite hunky, is a self-confessed romantic person!  

What About the Audition?

As per the updates, the casting for The Bachelor Australia season 9 has been done. Still, you may want to know about the process. Filming has been done at Sydney. 

While 2020 was mostly spoiled by the pandemic, 2021 might be different. Channel 10 is about to unveil the new season of Masterchef and that itself is a good indication that The Bachelor Australia will follow soon. It is likely that the show will be aired in June.

Those curious about the online application process for qualifying as contestants can check the link Then, they have to fill up multi-page online form and offering correct information is necessary.

Singles between 23 and 40 years can apply for the show. Filming usually takes 3 months starting from February.

The Bachelor Australia 2021 Auditions Date :

Currently the auditions for The Bachelor Australia 2021 is active and no ending date is announced. We will update if it gets announced.

  • Auditions Start Date: Not available
  • Auditions Ending Date Or Month: Not available
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