The Chase Australia Auditions 2021 – Casting & Application Details

The Chase Australia Auditions 2021 – Casting & Application Details

There are several types of TV quiz shows you can watch these days, on various TV networks. However, The Chase Australia is a quiz show with a distinct appeal. Based on the UK-based quiz show with a similar name, it is now hosted by Larry Emdur. It is shown on the Seven Network. In this unique show, 4 participants are pitted against an opponent who is called the chaser.  Originally, the host of the program was Andrew O’Keefe.

The Chase Australia

A Brief Glimpse at the Origin of the Chase Australia

The Chase Australia made its debut on the Seven Network on 14 September 2015. Over the years, the hat of chaser has been donned by eminent personalities like Brydon Coverdale, Issa Schultz, Matt Parkinson, Anne Hegerty and Mark Labbett. Later, Cheryl Toh and Shaun Wallace made appearances as guest chasers. Its creative director is Michael Kelpie.

Andrew O’Keefe hosted the show for 6 years but some personal controversies led to his removal from the designation of host and Larry Emdur stepped in his shoes. In 2019, Seven launched a celebrity edition of The Chase Australia.

How Things Take Place in the Chase Australia 2021

The contestants play the two primary rounds individually. The first round is aptly named Cash builder. In it, they have to answer several questions within a minute and each correct answer fetches $2000. They have to face the chaser and that is a head-to-head tournament sort of thing. They try to move the money down the steps. Each of them has to face the chaser. The goal is reaching home without being caught by the chaser during the quiz rounds. If the chaser manages to catch up with a contestant, he/she gets eliminated. Any money won by that candidate is forfeited.

In case all 4 participants lose the head-to-head chase rounds, the chaser may offer an amount of money and then the team may pick on among them to battle it out in the Final chase. The chaser stays on stage to see the team performing. The rounds are intense and exciting- to say the least. The participants have to give correct answers within the stipulated time and they have to outwit the chaser who is usually someone with strong general knowledge. 

What You Should Know About the Latest Season of the Chase Australia 2021

The online application process for the latest season of the Chase Australia is now open. To apply online, you have to use the link

After clicking the link, you will have to fill up an online form in 5 stages. Entering the correct information is necessary to be shortlisted. Apart from entering required details, you will also have to upload a short video which should include information about you and your reason to be shortlisted as a candidate.

The candidates have to be above 18 years to be deemed eligible for this quiz show. They also need to be legal Australian residents. Those working with the Broadcaster are not eligible for applying. Those related to ITV group of companies cannot apply as well. 

The Chase Australia Auditions Date For Season 10 (2021):

Currently the auditions for the Chase Australia 2021 is active but ending date has not been announced. We will update if it gets announced.

  • Auditions Start Date: Not available
  • Auditions Ending Date Or Month: Not available
  • Official Website:
  • Official Facebook Page:

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