Weakest Link (Australian Game Show) – Casting and Application Details

Weakest Link (Australian Game Show) – Casting and Application Details

There are several types of reality shows that you can watch on popular Australian TV networks these days. If the talent hunt or celebrity life based shows do not hold interest for you, try watching the quiz or game based ones. In this regard, the Weakest Link Australia deserves a special mention. The show is derived from the UK show with the same name. After a long hiatus, it has been revived for 2021.

The Weakest Link Australia

The Basics and Origins of the Weakest Link Australia

The Weakest Link made its debut back in 2001. At that time, it was aired on the Seven Network. In it, 9 contestants vied for the top spot for a prize amounting to $100,000. However, it ran until April 2002 and 120 episodes were aired. In late 2020, Nine Network bought the broadcasting rights and announced a revival of the show. While the original show was presented by Cornelia Frances, the 2021 revival season has actor Magda Szubanski donning the hat.

As per the schedule, the 2021 season was expected to go live by 4th May 2021. However, a tight production schedule led to a delay of 3 weeks. 

The Australian version of Weakest Link differs from the British version in some ways. The round duration is shorter than the UK version of the show- to begin with. The prize money increasing pattern is similar but Australian dollar is used here. In the Nine Network iteration, some more changes have been introduced. Now, there are 8 contestants and the potential top prize is worth $250,000. In the 2021 edition, buzzer and touch screens were given to the contestants.

The 2021 Season of the Weakest Link

The Nine Network has tweaked the original game show to an extent. Magda Szubanski plays the roles of both the host and quizmaster. The 8 contestants begin the series as strangers but they will have to work together and teamwork is needed to grab the maximum prize money. The questions are based on general knowledge, mostly. It also follows the usual elimination pattern. At last, it will be the contest between 2 finalists and the winner will get the amount collected. 

How to Apply for the Casting of the Weakest Link Australia

The application process for the Weakest Link Australia is online. You have to use the link https://go.mycastingnet.com/Apply/Show/Quizical

When the Nine Network has revived the show after such a long time, chances are there the 2022 season will go to floors too. 

Listed here are the requirements to qualify as a contestant for the Weakest Link Australia.

  • You have to be an Australian citizen.
  • Your age should be a minimum of 18 years.
  • The filming is done in Melbourne, Victoria and you will have to be available for the filming day
  • You have to attach a recent face pic while applying online.
  • The application form has to be filled up properly, and you have to enter correct information in each field.
  • The applicants have to accept the Terms & Conditions.
  • Naturally, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted by the team. 

The Weakest Link Australia Auditions Date For 2021:

Currently the auditions for the Weakest Link Australia is active and no ending date is announced. We will update if it gets announced.

  • Auditions Start Date: Not Available
  • Auditions Ending Date Or Month: Not Available
  • Official Audition Website: https://go.mycastingnet.com/Apply/Show/Quizical
  • Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WeakestLinkAU/


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